Promotion to the next class is granted to the pupil on the basis of his/her overall performance during the academic session. Hence, the importance of regularity in attendance and work is imperative. The general criteria for promotion is that the student has grasped the subject matter of his/her present class sufficiently well to follow the syllabus of the next higher class easily.
Class Nry., Prep. & I
For each area of development, in the First & Second Term, 'traffic Lights' are awarded. These carry four colours that signify the following :
Green  : Produces concrete, reproducible evidence of execllence in this area of development.
Yellow : Demonstrates sound progress that is satisfying to both teacher and child.
Orange : Although there is some evidence of achievement, the child requires to take further steps in this area.
Red : There is clean room for improvement here, if a level commensurate with the child's age group and class is to be achieved.
Class II to IX & XI
Promotion is based on the day-to-day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the terminal examination.
Students are to be awarded grades according to the following scheme:|
Marks Range Grade Grade
91 - 100 A1 10.0
81 - 90 A2  9.0
71 - 80 B1  8.0
61 - 70 B2 7.0
51 - 60 C1 6.0
41 - 50 C2 5.0
33 - 40 D 4.0
21 - 32 E1
00 - 20 E2
Grade Grade Point Range Grade Point
A 4.1 - 5.0 5
B 3.1 - 4.0 4
C 2.1 - 3.0 3
D 1.1- 2.0 2
E 0.1 - 1.0 1

* First term - FA1 (10%) + FA2 (10%) + SA1(30%) =50%

* Second term - FA3(10%) + FA4 (10%) + SA2(30%) =50%

Rule & Regulation

    Enrollment in St.Xavier's implies on the part of both pupils and parents a willingness to comply with all the requirements and rules of the school.The principal has the right to suspend or withdrawal of any pupil without giving any reason, provided that such a step is necessary and in the interest of the school.

    The Principal reserves the right to change any of the rules without assigning any reason with prior information.

    The interpretation of any rules in the prospectus,as well as,any amendment to it,rests solely and entirely with the governing body of the school,which shall be final and binding on parents/guardians and in no case shall lie in any coart of law in respect of their decision.