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Young minds - young brains - need stories and ideas like the ones in books in order to grow. They need ideas that you disagree with. They need ideas that I disagree with. Or they'll never be able to figure out what ideas they believe in.”

Lev Grossman

Six years ago we started off on a shaky leg but with a strong vision to make a difference. Today we see our conviction bearing fruit, as we stand tall being the best educator in the state and this gives us the motivation to forge ahead. We commenced this undertaking with a purpose to produce future leaders and see our country reach new prominence. It gives us immense pleasure to see our kids doing well in various spheres of life.

Xavier is not just built with bricks and cement, indeed our foundation is laid on strong value system which nurtures young minds to dream big and have conviction in their dreams. We do not just believe in virtual education as we find it equally important that we focus on character building which helps our toddlers face all the adversities one is presented with in life. Education is not just a process of providing knowledge for a future job but a life long process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one's life and make our students the beacon of light in the future of our country. Enroll in any school, they offer the same curriculum and are built on the same educational norms. We are no difference in that arena, being said that our students are easily spotted in a crowd as we believe in customizing the traditional education system with a touch of sensitivity and modernity. Apart from the regular study module, we try and inculcate a sense of righteousness as although the right education helps you make the right decisions it is the correct attitude that helps you succeed.

A small piece of advice to all the budding minds –“Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summer off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. So make the most of it now.” Do something new everyday, make new friends, create new memories, learn new lessons, learn to forgive, explore your self, be inquisitive and spread joy. Make optimum utilization of the time you have now, because in your success lies my success, in your victory lays my victory and in your defeat lays my defeat. You are not just my students but a part of me! Thank you and best wishes to you all!

Sheena Chandra


Rule & Regulation

    Enrollment in St.Xavier's implies on the part of both pupils and parents a willingness to comply with all the requirements and rules of the school.The principal has the right to suspend or withdrawal of any pupil without giving any reason, provided that such a step is necessary and in the interest of the school.

    The Principal reserves the right to change any of the rules without assigning any reason with prior information.

    The interpretation of any rules in the prospectus,as well as,any amendment to it,rests solely and entirely with the governing body of the school,which shall be final and binding on parents/guardians and in no case shall lie in any coart of law in respect of their decision.